Meditations on Land Form (A set of haiku on the Environment)

Land forms. Look,
listen: this is how
it happens.

Uplifts make
highlands. Erosion
makes valleys.

Bright peaks, shade
dark, loud water, and boast,
“I’m tallest.”

Mountains boast.
The fast stream won’t stop
to listen.

Relentless –
snow, rain, a hard freeze
always win.

Mountains stand
proudly. But water
always wins.

waits. The proud rockface
cracks and falls.

Frail green shoots
and unseen roots break
mountain roots.

Hills become
rock piles. Grass springs up

Water reigns.
Every raindrop goes
its own way.

Water flows
downward, making streams
that carve rock.

Grassy knolls
recall when they were
tall and bold.
Water flows
every which way – down,
to make streams

Mountains stand
shoulder to shoulder.
Each tallest

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