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Report of the Bus Captain

This is a report of the bus captain in Pittsburgh Bus # 4, in the Cherry Blossom Festival and Stop the Violence Against Women bus tour: Another rally in Washington. Some people ask, “Did it make any difference?” This is … Continue reading

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Where Are We?

Where are we? About halfway to Ft. Benning, Georgia, the “School of the Americas.” Before we stopped I was reminiscing about the first time I was busted. My seatmate and most of the others on the bus were not born … Continue reading

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Hiroshima Day

This is the first of three poems related to one topic: Hiroshima. Sad to say, they are still current politics. “Memory is where the past and future meet.” Mayor Takahashi Hiraoka of Hiroshima, quoted in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 8/5/95, … Continue reading

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Harpers Ferry Ghost Walk

I. Jefferson Rock Climb up the old stone steps in daylight, past the shattered church ruins. Climb out on the rocky ledge above the Shenandoah where it meets the Potomac. Now we call this high place ‘Jefferson Rock.’ What did … Continue reading

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fragments of history — REMEMBER!

Almost two hundred thousand people passed through Terezin, Some fifteen thousand children. They say 132 survived. And until their dying day, they ask, those few who survived ask, “Why me?” Numbers — Who are they? The photograph preserves faces, behind … Continue reading

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Homeward from Harrisburg

Homeward from Harrisburg. Our bus rolls west across the long hills, Wooded valleys deepen from dark green to black The day was full of angry speeches. We chanted ourselves hoarse: E. R. A. Yes! Enfolding evening grants us peace, or … Continue reading

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Kerry Field Ops

These kids … In the office the phone is ringing off the hook: Questions, complaints, volunteers. Coffee. Somebody brought in some cookies. Then door-to-door canvassing. They study the street lists, look at a map for directions. Later there’s a phone … Continue reading

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Thinking of Uncle Jesse, on Tu B’Shevat

Today is Tu B’shevat, and I am thinking of Uncle Jesse Jesse Wallach died on a winter’s day in 1999, at 90. “Uncle, great uncle, lend me your cane.” “It’s such a long walk from your lap to my bed.” … Continue reading

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Herr’s Island Perspectives

This is Washington’s Landing, formerly known as Herr’ Island. In the 1900’s stockyards and slaughterhouses were served by the Pennsylvania Railroad and by barges. Herr’s Island helped feed hungry steelworkers here and in other growing cities of the Northeast. Now … Continue reading

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