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Haiku Introduction

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. First, let my say what I mean when I include my haiku. I often write what I consider ‘haiku’. Some will consider my definition too lax, while others will consider it too restrictive. You … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Preservation

the last stanza is a haiku Back in ’79 we had a conference in Baltimore. Two days of talk: neighborhood preservation, revitalization, gentrification. Carved lintels, worn white marble stoops, speak to us.

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length of a haiku

What’s the right length for haiku? Look, listen, and write. You’ll see.

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New Year’s Kiss

Begins with a haiku. New Year’s Eve. Both sick, exhausted, in bed by 9. And then she kissed me! Usually I kiss her, a standing kiss since with my MS and her tiredness, neither moves much in bed. That kiss … Continue reading

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Closer, til our heartbeats merge and the sky sways.

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It’s your birthday, so sing a new verse to your life’s song.

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saying ‘farewell’

Saying your farewell to the lover you still like: hard – a frozen lake The haiku was inspired by reading a collection of letters from Drusilla Lynne Young, between 1968 and 1970, after I moved from Hartford.

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Carolton Manor Nursing Home (three haiku)

Christmas, ’95, I sit with Mary’s Mother In a nursing home. All leaves turn. Some Before they fall. So says The nursing home. O Fates. When my Time comes grant me a week To say goodbys.

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who am I?

Who Am I? These poems: if you read them you will know as much as I do. This haiku tries to answer the question that begins the haiku collection

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Three transportation planning haiku

Traffic is awful We need a new road, and I need jusht one more drink. Gas shortage? Don’t blame S.U.V. owners. They earned the right to pollute. Who needs buses? A nurse on shift Sundays Can drive her Porsch.

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