Seasons Change (A set of haiku on the Environment)

A red scarf
Under budding trees
Lures snowflakes.

Grass never
Looks greener than in
April snow.

Early light,
but chilly – it’s still
Early spring.

It can’t be snow
on the sidewalk. Maybe
apple blossoms.

Rain at dusk
Dampens streets. Rooflines
Blur and glow

Late July. Grass
is green with yellow hints
of coming fall.

Sadly, we hear
the bugs sing “Summer’s gone.”
It’s late July

Fall hillside:
brown, red, orange, and
ghost of green.

Late August:
the first dry, brown leaf
falls loudly.

Red, gold, once green,
shiver, then fall. Summer
dies in glory.

Dark and chill
Rains. The last leaves
Fall to earth.

A brown leaf
shivers in wind, then
falls on snow.

If you watch
long enough, you’ll see
seasons change.

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