act now (a haiku)
Activism Liberates
After 9/11 – Three Days Later
After 9/11 – One Year Later
And Now …
The Balloon Escapes
Bella Ciao
birthday (a haiku)
Bois de Boulogne
Breakfast Served 24 Hours
The Cat’s Laws of Motion
The Cactus in the Sitting Room
Calendar (A set of twelve haiku)
Carolton Manor Nursing Home (three haiku)
Chamber Music Concert
Christmas Island
closer (a haiku)
Come, Elijah, Come
Conversation in Shadyside Hospital
dance recital (a haiku)
Dawn on the Road to Washington
deep listening (a haiku)
diesel and propane (a haiku)
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Erda Explains
The ‘f’ Word
fireflies (a haiku)
Flight Back to Pittsburgh
Fluffy White Clouds
Fountain in the Rain
Four Years at Forbes and Braddock
The Fountain in Winter
The Fountain is Heard but not Seen
fragments of history — REMEMBER!
Free Will
From the Train
Geology, Sociology, and Impermanence
The Ghosts Enjoy Klezmer (Previously Published)
Girl Talk
Go by Hand
Graffiti Haiku (Haiku Set)
Green on Green
Growing Trees (a haiku)
Harpers Ferry Ghost Walk
help someone
Herr’s Island Perspectives
Hiroshima Day
Holiday Correspondence
Homeward from Harrisburg
I Thought She Was Trapped
Immigrant Trees
In the Presence of the Body that was Ann Hussar
Inevitably, the Leaves Turn
Interbeing (a haiku)
Is this a Dead, Young Soldier?
It’s Not Darkest
Kerry Field Ops
Kirkbride Street War Zone
‘Knock, Knock’ Jokes
Lament for the Symposium
The Last Word in Matadors
length of a haiku (a haiku)
Making Friends with MS
Meditation After 9-11
Meditations on Land Form (A set of haiku on the Environment)
Mixed Emotions
Monticello: Planned and Planted
The Moon Looks Down
Music, You are With Me
Neither Here Nor There on New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Eve – the Torch is Passing
New Year’s Kiss
Neighborhood Preservation (Includes a haiku)
Our Songs Are Stronger Songs
preach the gospel (Found Poem)
A set of haiku on Buddhism
A set of haiku on the Environment
A set of haiku on Politics, including:

changing diapers
speak truth
what’s the question?
time to act
old stone house
bakery square
old pond, still

Politics, Law and Power
Power Wheelchair
Pre-election Jitters
The Question is Not …
Reflections on a Starry, Starry Night
Report of the Bus Captain
Remember, Growing Older
Right Here I Sit
Riverfront Park on Southside
Road to Washington
saying ‘farewell’ (a haiku)
Seasons Change (A set of haiku on the Environment)
“Silver Clouds” at the Warhol
Sister Barbara’s Birthday (Previously Published)
Sound Check
Standing by the Shore
The Stream is Talking to me
Summer Solstice at Mildred’s Daughters’ Farm
Sure, Honey
Taking a Break at the Labor Arts Exchange
A Taste of Wine
Television Covers Iraq
Thank the Trees
This Job Stinks!
This Little Light of Mine
Thinking of Uncle Jesse, on Tu B’Shevat
Transportation and Latent Demand
Three transportation planning haiku
Twenty-eight Bullets
A View of Birmingham Bridge
Visiting Mary’s Mother
Walking Meditation at Laughing Rivers Retreat
Walking the Labyrinth
Walking the Labyrinth, Again
Water Sculpture
Weather Reveals
What I Could Have Said
Where Are We?
While there is a lower class (Found Poem)
White Cloud Towers
who am I? (a haiku)
Why Do Leaves Fall? Two Explanations.
Why is the Tree so Green

Poems Already Published :
The Ghosts Enjoy Klezmer published in “Crossing Limits”
Sister Barbara’s Birthday published in “New People”


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