After 9/11 – One Year Later

What does the burning candle learn,
	as it burns down?
A new candle will
	take its place
		when it gutters out.
When the candle is relit
	Is it the same flame?

Twelve months later, motes
	from the World Trade Center
		have circled the globe.
The ash is everywhere,

All our deeds
	Linger, linger in the air,
Until we know
	that they are part of us.

Burnt offerings:
	A skyscraper,
		Destroyed by airborne terrorists;
	A peasant’s hut,
		torched in some 'counter-terrorism,'
			(They didn't' really convert.)	 	

What is the difference
	in this newer burnt offering?
None - until we make it so.
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