Thanks to our land, that was purchased with the blood
	of our ancestors, and those they slew.

Thanks to the sea, though people may have drowned to cross it.

Thanks to the sun, though it may burn our crops.

Thanks to the green trees,
	Though we may cut them down for firewood, or to make room
          for parking lots.

Thanks for the swamps, so full of life,
	Though may we drain them to build subdivisions.

Thanks for the food we eat,
Though those who produce it may be underpaid and undocumented.

Thanks to our work, despite our curses and sweat.

Thanks to our bodies, though friends may sicken and we surely age.

Thanks to our neighbors, even those who hate each other.

Thanks to our comrades, though they have disappointed us
	as often as we have disappointed them.

Thanks to our loved ones, the ones we quarrel with the most.

Thanks to our parents, who gave us everything.
		Thanks to our children, who we hope will
			not finish our work, but continue it.

Thanks be that we can still help mend our broken world.
And share our duties and our joys with our sisters and brothers.

Thanks for the blessings we have, for anger, for love.
	Thank who?  Who cares!  Whoever.
It is right to give thanks.
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