Holiday Correspondence

Only some of this applies to me.
Jim and Sally moved to Michigan, where she has a great job.
My old neighbors moved to the suburbs, and don't like it.
Another old neighbor is in a nursing home.
Joni and Marc decided to get married.
The Espinola's twins started kindergarden
	She sent a picture of them in the new playground in Schenley Park.
Helene, my late mother's oldest friend, is very ill.
An old friends from college wrote that he started another new job.
An aunt in New Jersey died - her daughter in California sent me a note.
Steve sent a card with a new address.
Joan has a new address, too.  She says the divorce will be final this spring.
Abe's middle child is finally getting married.
Mel and Ruth are enjoying their retirement.  
	They went to Greece last spring and to Mexico this fall.
Mary and Rebecca sent a picture of them and their two adopted children.
Cousin Debbie is illustrating another children's book
	Her husband is still a planner in Berkeley.

There are cycles in life.
There is a cycle.
And I am 55.
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