Summer Solstice at Mildred’s Daughters’ Farm

The Sun in her Splendor,
like the Moon in her Mystery,
always are present here on the farm,
in the sky that sometimes seems blue.
They watch us, though sometimes
our eyes cannot see them.

This shortest night is yours, O Sun.
We celebrate your reign.
Seeds have sprouted, flowered. You will sustain 
all that is green until it is ready for harvest.

This is the height of your power.
The stars dance for you, 
You and your consort.  We’ll dance too.

The earth resonates to your rhythms, just as the sea
reflects the sky, ever changing, never changing.
Our bodies respond to your rhythms.

We will give back your rhythms
with our drums and our dance.

Sun and Moon,
Sea and Sky,
the Earth and the Life on it:
thank you, thank you, thank you.
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