three fearful letters:
   a fear full place – brightly lit.
Why is it so noisy?
   Why is it so cold?
Someone is lying in a hospital bed. 
Machines and tubes
   administer 'meds'.
They can help you eat
   piss, shit, and breathe:
      intensive care.
Her friends and relatives just stand there, or sit in the hall,
They can do nothing,
 	Silent solidarity.
She is now quiet,
   nothing to say.
They hope she is really sleeping,
    until she's awakened by a nurse
      for her meds.
	   for palliative care,
	      and they hope, for more.
Even the busy doctors 
    are powerless.
The Buddha taught:
   We all suffer
      from a terminal condition.

I see you.
You can't see me.
   You can't just flee.
	You can't just hide behind the tree.
	    Would you like to play with me?
A child's game – you win and you lose.
	When it's your turn,
		you can't even choose.
Soon you'll be 'it.'
	But when?  
   		And then?
You'll see, you'll see.

I see you.  I raise you, too,
   	with one ace down, and one ace up, 
another eight makes aces and eights.
       That might win the pot – but maybe not, maybe not.
The dealer takes two.  Now, what'll he do?
   	It's table stakes.  So what has he got?
Even before the game begins,
everyone knows the house always wins.
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