A set of haiku on Buddhism

Early morning
Chilly walk. No one talks
Except the stream

A snowflake falls
Just missing the lake. Still

A light snow. Clouds
Veil the hills. The hidden
Sun still rises.

Silent morning
Thanks and praise for breakfast
Will wait awhile.

Breathe out. Some day
Others will get one of
The molecules.

Breathe in, deep.
Then release, breathe out.
Feed the plants.

Hot sit. Thank each sweat
Drop. Evaporation is
A cooling process.

Sit and focus
Leaf on the wallpaper —
A green rabbit.

Breathe in and out.
It’s simple. You can do
it in your sleep.

We sit. You can hear
People smile.

Walking circles,
On the solid transient
Floor: me / not me.

Follow the breath
To the kitchen, to Perth,
To everywhere.

Breathe: in, out … like
Six billion people and
Countless others.

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