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Go By Hand

Written before 1968, then lost and forgotten. I remembered it in June 2014,thanks to Linda Bittner recalling to me her past hitchhiking. In the morning’s crystal chill I stand, along the roadway snaking through the land. And which way would … Continue reading

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Visiting Mary’s Mother

Visiting my wife’s mother Does she know? Mary and I feed her. She opens her mouth as she did to receive communion She eats only a few bites, as usual. Her eyes close. A little nap. Does she know? She … Continue reading

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Power Wheelchair

My power wheelchair, plus accessible buses and ramped curbs, equals mobility and freedom!

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Where Are We?

Where are we? About halfway to Ft. Benning, Georgia, the “School of the Americas.” Before we stopped I was reminiscing about the first time I was busted. My seatmate and most of the others on the bus were not born … Continue reading

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Pre-election Jitters

I listened: This is a time of fountains, of babbling brooks, of rushing rivers. I watched: the full moon and clouds, on the holy sea. I felt: Fog. For today: predictions. For tomorrow: a prophesy. Bright morning star, Great eastern … Continue reading

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Bois de Boulogne

I wrote this song in Paris, on a college vacation. It was never sung, except by me. It needs music. Here the children play, their cries are keen enough to leave the grasses newly mown. A ring of trees defends … Continue reading

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New Year’s Kiss

Begins with a haiku. New Year’s Eve. Both sick, exhausted, in bed by 9. And then she kissed me! Usually I kiss her, a standing kiss since with my MS and her tiredness, neither moves much in bed. That kiss … Continue reading

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