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Free Will

(The last stanza, by itself, is a haiku) Clouds interrupt uniform blueness in my field of vision, claiming … territory? With dark grey bases and white bodies. Their sun-illuminated tops are sharply defined, like the gray tree-covered ridges below. Floating … Continue reading


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Right Here I Sit

Right here I sit, cross legged, on the second floor. Under me: a cushion, a rug, a floor, someone else’s a ceiling, Then another apartment: a void, furnished and sometimes populated. another rug, another wood floor. Then the basement: a … Continue reading

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The Cactus in the Sitting Room

The cactus in the sitting room Is waiting for you to breathe out. It is armed and dangerous. Breathe … Give generously.

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Walking the Labyrinth

The Chartres labyrinth in this church basement mazes the mind, even though there are no choices in its path, no danger of a dead end. This eleven-circuit labyrinth has so many twists and turns you can’t see far ahead, can’t … Continue reading

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Walking the Labyrinth, Again

Labyrinth walk again, in the same big old Mellon church. Today a celebration of labyrinths, I will walk all three First, a Chartres eleven-circuit labyrinth, Outdoors in the “garth,” a ground cloth on flagstones. The purple-edged loops appear to meander, … Continue reading

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Meditations on Land Form (A set of haiku on the Environment)

Land forms. Look, listen: this is how it happens. Uplifts make highlands. Erosion makes valleys. Bright peaks, shade dark, loud water, and boast, “I’m tallest.” Mountains boast. The fast stream won’t stop to listen. Relentless – snow, rain, a hard … Continue reading

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See how all suffer. Each can help. To help one, helps All: interbeing.

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A set of haiku on Buddhism

Early morning Chilly walk. No one talks Except the stream A snowflake falls Just missing the lake. Still Impermanent A light snow. Clouds Veil the hills. The hidden Sun still rises. Silent morning Thanks and praise for breakfast Will wait … Continue reading

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