Television Covers Iraq

Quoth the Bush, ‘Let’s go to war.”
	We watch, and listened

The invasion made the six o'clock news:
Bang!     Whoosh!     Boom!
helicopter gunships  -  loud, loud.
Bradley Fighting Vehicles,
tanks, tank, tanks,
	clanks, clanks, clanks.
		Do you hear anyone?  A child crying?
Cruise missiles, Stealth bombers,
	Watch the skies! Look out! Duck!
parts of houses,  parts of people,
	and maps, colorful maps to show our progress.
The line moves.
	The line has crossed the river
		Into the city
			The cross hatches represents streets.
				What are we looking at? 
war pornography,
a gang-rape, live, in living color.
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