Kerry Field Ops

These kids …

In the office the phone is ringing off the hook:
     Questions, complaints, volunteers.
Coffee.  Somebody brought in some cookies.
Then door-to-door canvassing.
     They study the street lists,
     look at a map for directions.
Later there’s a phone bank site to supervise.
Two meetings tonight,
    followed by a staff meeting.
Seventeen hours today.
     Where am I sleeping this week?

I myself did this once …
     or twice.
These kids do it better,
As a group, they’re certainly more powerful.

These kids
     give me a window into my past.
What can I offer them in return?
     Only what I was given, many years ago.
		Experiences, for what they’re worth.
It’s almost a time machine.

These kids 
ignite my memories,
     and I travel back.
Perhaps my imagination will be ignited
     and take me forward.
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