The Fountain is Heard but Not Seen

The fountain in the back yard is heard but not seen
from the porch of our room in the B & B.
I look where I hear it, and see only
black vegetation in the pre-dawn chill.

So I sit and listen.

Squirrels scrabble in a big old tree,
Then they are on the ground, so the leaves loudly tell me.
Wind chimes announce a breeze

The fountain is still speaking,
Rewarding the careful listener.

The light grows;
A chorus of crows greets the new day.
The two squirrels chase each other into the next yard.

The city slowly awakens.
A small tree emerges,
Between the back yard fence
and the flagstones in the yard
The sun is not quite risen
but in the dawn, alongside the tree,
the fountain is revealed.
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