Herr’s Island Perspectives

This is Washington's Landing, formerly known as Herr' Island.
In the 1900's stockyards and slaughterhouses were served by the
Pennsylvania Railroad and by barges.
Herr's Island helped feed hungry steelworkers here and in other
growing cities of the Northeast.

Now the island is pleasant to see and smell.
Townhouses overlook the Allegheny River.
People living here can take a short walk 
   across the bridge and catch a bus to town.
Now the docks here are built for pleasure boats.

Now this is part of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, attracting 
   joggers, hikers, walkers, bicycles, and me in my power wheelchair.
It hugs the riverbank, with a short, steep drop to the water.

The trail is shaded from the bright summer sun
   by a wealth of aspen, sumac, and beech trees.
An inconspicuous branch off the trail
   leads to a haven for those that want privacy.

The trail overlooks a back channel 
   of a river that is still busy. 
Benches invite you to sit.
Look around and enjoy the view and the perspectives.
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