Walking the Labyrinth

The Chartres labyrinth in this church basement
	mazes the mind, even though
		there are no choices in its path, 
			no danger of a dead end.  
This eleven-circuit labyrinth has so many twists 
	and turns you can’t see far ahead, can’t 
		grasp the whole journey, and soon
			you lose track of how far you have gone.

Each person enters at a different time.  We walk
	at our own pace, in towards the center
		and then back out, on the same
			path.  So we pass each other, seemingly
				going in opposite directions.

Upstairs there is a seven-circuit Santa Rosa labyrinth.
	The design is new. It was first inscribed 
		on a beach, to be recreated after each secular tide
			washed over it.
It is smaller and seemed simpler. When I reached
		the center of that labyrinth, 
			I paused and stood, facing outwards.  
In the middle of this larger labyrinth, I stopped
	And stood for some time 
		on its small inner circle, 
				facing inwards..  

Some walk along the path, others
	Dance, but no one hurries.
		I know, I’m out of time in here.
			I can relax.
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