Walking Meditation at Laughing Rivers Retreat

Look beyond the beautiful La Roche College campus,
beyond the carefully maintained lawn
   and the contrasting buildings.
Some are stone, classically elegant.
Some are corrugated and utilitarian.

See across the valley of some stream.  A hillside rises
   covered with oaks and maples and pines,
   green, speckled with some red and yellow,
   herald of the coming autumn.
The leaves will fall.
The trees will wait patiently 
   for SunReturn, and later the buds of spring.
The green on the pines will not fall.
The pines will wait patiently for snowfall.
In time the snow will melt.

Are the trees the masters of time or its servant?
The various trees will just stand there,
   and maintain their schedules - 
      arrivals and departures.
What do they know? 
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