A set of haiku on Politics

     changing diapers
Do what must be done.
Who gets credit? Who cares? It’s
like changing diapers.

     speak truth
“Speak truth to power.”
Teach! For a major change, speak
truth to your neighbors.

Statecraft feels both
sides of the window: warmth
and chilly rain.

     what’s the question?
War is never
the answer. If it is,
what’s the question?

Tell INS:
The only illegal
is a sick bird.

     time to act
It’s time to act
Don’t hold your breath. Don’t fear
the melting snow.

     old stone house
The old stone house:
turrets, gables, porch – now
eight mailboxes.

      bakery square
The mill’s gone; the mall
‘Bakery Square,’ reminds us
once we made things here.

     old pond, still
           Matsuo Basho (1644-1698) was a master poet. One of his celebrated haiku is often translated “Old pond / a frog jumps in / kerplop.”
Old pond, still.
No frogs to be heard.

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